Monday, September 27, 2010

Malad the sequel

You know when you create fun memories and want to just do it all over again? Well thats what we did a couple weeks ago and did it Malad style. Our friend has a house in malad and for his birthday we spent the weekend up in Idaho. Good friends lots of fun and food, thats what I call a good time.

this picture of Rafe and I is totally candid, we didn't pose for this one; we're just that cool and casual all the time
Of course one cannot visit Malad and not eat at Me n' Lou's and get a giant scone

we are all very excited about the raspberry honey

four wheeling is a must on a trip to Malad, so we did that too

All the years growing up on a farm prep you for this kind of thing, not everyone is this good.

Don't Rafe and I make a great team

Don't make fun of me, but this was actually kind of hard to do after not jump roping for like 15 years or so.

10 Years....Seriously?

It seems like only yesterday I was roaming the halls of Shelley High School. Getting up at 6am for drill team practice, racing out to the car for lunch and standing in line at Mr. Pizza, Friday night games, drill team competitions, and school dances. A lot has happened in the last 10 years and a couple of weeks ago I got to see what some of my friends and class mates have done with their time out of high school. I really enjoyed talking and catching up with some great friends, and it was funny to see our high school picture on our name tag and how much or how little some of us had changed. I went through my year book a couple days ago and I was amazed at how little we all were, I always thought we were so grown up and mature. I'm really glad that I went and got a chance to see the great class of 2000. See you in another 10!

A few key players are missing from this picture, you know who you are.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Peter Cetera does not disapoint

I'm pretty sure my sister will be the only one to appreciate this post, partly because we are probably the only ones who even know who Peter Cetera is. This is probably due to the fact that our mom and dad raised us on music from their generation and it has stayed with us all growing up. This past weekend Rafe was kind enough to indulge me and my love of all things 80's and go to Peter Cetera. He was great and I'm pretty sure we were the youngest in the crowd by at least 20 years. We felt a little out of place because we forgot to feather our hair, wear our mom jeans and our high school letterman's jackets.
The concert was held at the Sandy Amphitheater and we had lots of blankets to stake our claim on the lawn. Unfortunately the lawn was wet and soaked through our blankets so by the time the concert was over, out backsides were soaked (worth it!). Its only September but I was so glad I brought a coat because it was freezing and those extra blankets came in handy.

I sang along to every song, loudly I might add and even cracked a smile at Peter's lame attempt to tell jokes. Other highlights include his having the crowd wave their lighted cell phones during "Your the inspiration" and his frosted tips and man earring. It was a great night. Thanks Peter!