Sunday, June 20, 2010

Boating in April, oh wait I mean June

One would think that it being June and all it would be safe to get the boat out and enjoy some fairly nice weather, one would think. However this just ins't the case, being the second summer I have been living in Salt Lake City, June doesn't bring any such thing. I'm told that it is usually not like this, I will usually roll my eyes and say yeah well I will believe it when I see it, or better yet feel it. But trying to make the best of things we did go boating with some friends, and some even got in the water; I did not. I stayed bundled up in my sweats, hoodie, blanket, and boat heater positioned right at my feet. We did have a lot of fun and the lake was pretty much ours for the taking since it was a balmy 60 degrees outside.

Go ahead and Jump

One of our friends has a trampoline at his house and we decided for whatever reason to give it a try. Now mind you I grew up on a trampoline and I know how they work, but it's been years and I mean years since I have jumped on one. I couldn't believe how tired I got and I was acutally a little timid to do a simple flip, apparently my body is just not what it used to be. It's sad but true. This my sorry attempt at what I call jumping on the trampoline.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I knew it was coming, I had a month to prepare myself. When the MayStache made its debut I welcomed it with open arms, perhaps its because I knew that its stay was only temporary. This post is short but the pictures tell the story of the life of the mustache and its short lived stay. I gotta say, I got used to having it around. Will I miss it? I'll never tell

The beard in its infancy

Shaved into a skinny beard

And here it is, the mustache. Handlebars and all its glory

I would never be able to get used to this beauty
Thank goodness its June 1st. See you next year Mustache! Or maybe Halloween.