Friday, November 19, 2010

Wedding updates

It seems like I haven't written a post for such a long time......oh that's because I haven't. A lot of people have asked me how the wedding planning is coming along and so here are all the updates and detail.

Rafe and I have been busy little beavers trying to plan this whole thing, most of the time we work quite well together, sometimes mmmmmm; not so much. We always end up seeing eye to eye on things so it works out. At first I had a really hard time even deciding what colors we should have for the reception etc., I went back and forth on every possible color combination and when I thought I had decided I would change my mind. I finally landed on yellow and I am quite happy with the final decision. I scoured the Internet for all things wedding, looking at sites like Martha Stewart, Wedding Bee, and every blog out there that had mention of the word wedding.

Since we got engaged in October I wanted to take our engagement photos as soon as possible before it turned cold, you never know what the weather will be from one moment to the next living in Utah. We were really lucky because the Saturday we took our pictures it was perfect fall weather. We really like our photographer she made us feel really comfortable, especially Rafe since he doesn't love having his picture taken (many of you may notice that so many of our pictures together he is usually making some funny face). I was very happy with how the pictures turned out and we decided pretty easily on an announcement photo. Hopefully when we take our bridal pictures it won't be a stormy snowy day, fingers crossed.

Planning the reception and dinner has been a task to be sure, we have gone back and forth on what we want but I think we have it all squared away. We have been working on decor, centerpieces, food ideas and everything else in between. I think we have it all planned out and now we have a moment to breathe until the week before when the whole plan has to be implemented. I am very excited that my sister Laura and her entire family including husband Nate will be flying in the week before to spend some time with us. Nate has been MIA for most of our family adventures since he is really busy with dental school out in Ohio, so it will be really fun to have him around. We'll have 3 out of 4 sisters very pregnant when we get married so I let them choose whatever they want and what is most comfortable to wear. We've planned the cake, flowers, colors, venue, dress, suit, ties, jewelry, pictures, food, etc, etc, etc, and most importantly we booked our honeymoon. I will be glad when it's all said and done and I'm sure Rafe will be glad that I won't be super bossy anymore!

I know that December will fly by because of the holiday and January will be here before we know it. I am very excited for January 15th to get here!