Friday, January 28, 2011

Christmas 2010

I know Christmas was almost two months ago but I thought I would try and catch up on all the stuff we have been up to.

We spent Christmas in Salt Lake and we decided that since we were getting married a few weeks later we would keep it low key.

Since we were going to honeymoon in Mexico and have a car, we got a Garmin
with all of North America so we could navigate while vacationing. And of course
I had wrapped myself up a new pair of shoes, because you can never have to many. Right?

Not pictured is the Little Giant ladder We got for Rafe, we have some very high ceilings in the house and it will come in very handy for painting.

Santa was also sneaky and stuffed a stocking for us both, packed with travel goodies for our upcoming trip. Rafe got spoiled I think.