Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I think it's maybe been, what a year since I posted anything to this blog? I am happy to say, my excuse was waiting for this little guy to come and join our family. He was a week late and I was anxious to have him born, I was over being pregnant. Cael Millar Thompson born: November 20, 2012 6:44pm 8 lbs 7 oz. Rafe and I brought him home from the hospital on Thanksgiving day, it was something to really be grateful for that year. Cael is so amazing, such a fun baby and we love every second we have with him. He's got wacky hair that I love and can't control, insta mohawk whenever he gets out of the tub. He is grabbing his rattle and other toys better every day. He was blessed by Rafe the Sunday after Christmas and he looked like such a cute little man in his outfit. We put him in his crib right before two months and he handled the transition better than I expected. He had his two month check up and he is in the 95% for height and 75% for weight, Cael is no small kid. Be prepared, there are a lot of pictures, this is from birth to two months. I hope to be more diligent about keeping up with posts, but let's be honest, it will probably be a struggle.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Goodbye 'ol friends

These pictures were supposed to post in the reverse order, but I posted them from my phone so whatever; sometimes I'm too impatient for blogger. So work backwards.

We said goodbye to two old friends this past week. Rafe's beard and also his braces. Since I work for an orthodontist I took advantage and slapped those braces on Rafe so fast he didn't know what hit him. Lucky for him though, he only had them on for just shy of one year. Not bad in my opinion. Don't his teeth look so pretty!

I got used to the beard since he'd had it for several months, but alas he was finally asked to shave. Not by me though. Who would care if Rafe had a beard or not? Well the Stake President for one. Poor Rafe didn't even make it to his 30th birthday before getting called to be in the Bishopric of our ward. Yep that's right, Rafe is now 2nd Counselor of our ward. I can't say we were shocked at the call, not that I think we are super worthy of such a calling and it was only a matter of time, but we have a really small ward and it seems like everyone has already taken a turn being in the bishopric.

He now gets the privilege of being gone 2-3 times a week for meetings and mutual and I get the privileged of being a loner on the bench in Sacrament meeting. Since he now can't have any facial hair for the next several years he couldn't just get rid of the beard in one fell swoop, he had to have some fun before it all went away. I don't mind the beard or even the handlebar mustache, but of course I didn't let him go out in public with just the lone mustache, people would have hid their children just at the sight of that monstrosity. I digress.

For your viewing pleasure

Monday, September 26, 2011

San Francisco

Back in July we made a last minute trip to San Francisco. When I say last minute, that means we decided at 9:00 on Thursday night and were in the car ready to go at 1:00am ready for the 12 hour car ride. The Milwaukee Brewers were playing the SF Giants that weekend which made it that much easier to convice Rafe to go, since the Brewers are his favorite baseball team.

The journey begins, we played a lot of games to help pass the time.

We went to the Golden Gate Bridge and of course just our luck it was totally foggy. Not to mention freezing cold!

On Saturday we ate at this great place on Fisherman's Warf called Gotts. My sandwich was so yummy, the sourdough bread was amazing, I have to eat there again.

My yummy chicken sandwich

Walking through Chinatown

AT&T Park

It was July but don't let that fool you, it was so cold I could have been in a snow suit and been happy.

Rafe and Zach after the game.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Honeymoon

After our reception we were off on our honeymoon. Finally! After all of the planning and preparation and stress it was so good to relax and be with Rafe on a vacation. That night we didn't get to our hotel until about 1am and our flight was at 7am the next morning, so we didn't get a whole lot of sleep and I was so sick, and we were both exhausted. While on the plane we both slept, mouths wide open probably drooling, but we didn't care, we earned it. We landed in Cancun and set off for our hotel. When we checked into our hotel they didn't have the room we reserved anymore so they upgraded our room to an ocean view, which was fine with us. The catch was it was a room with two double beds, which actually worked out because I was so sick that I could be free to be as miserable as I wanted without bothering Rafe. We had dinner in the hotel and spent the night relaxing in our room, it was so nice just to be able to be lazy and spend time with Rafe doing absolutely nothing.

The next day we hit the beach, since it was January we had the place practically to ourselves. We had a blast and the water was so warm, I still felt pretty crappy but after getting pummeled by some waves and salt water running up my nose at least I could breath. We layed out, read, shooed away the locals trying to sell us necklaces, timeshares, sunglasses etc, and people watched; turns out international people watching is great.

By the end of the second day I was feeling so much better, we ventured out to the local Wal*Mart for some meds and I was set. We had a blast, we went on a boat cruise, snorkeled, ate at great restaurants hung out at the beach and went to Talum and Chichen Itza. We even got pulled over by the police...TWICE. When they realized it was the end of our trip, we were out of money and Rafe spoke Spanish they were less interested in us and let us go.

We were sad to leave but we had a blast and were ready to head back to the states. Interestingly enough, it was a lot easier to get into Mexico than to get back into the United States, go figure.

This is our rental car Clio, we were thankful we had her; until her gas pedal fell off on our way to Chichen Itza, then fell off again on the freeway on our way back. Not cool Clio, not cool.


We ate at lots of great places, this is a boiling hot cauldron of cheese, cactus, meat and some other stuff I can't remember. It was pretty good.

Chichen Itza