Monday, September 26, 2011

San Francisco

Back in July we made a last minute trip to San Francisco. When I say last minute, that means we decided at 9:00 on Thursday night and were in the car ready to go at 1:00am ready for the 12 hour car ride. The Milwaukee Brewers were playing the SF Giants that weekend which made it that much easier to convice Rafe to go, since the Brewers are his favorite baseball team.

The journey begins, we played a lot of games to help pass the time.

We went to the Golden Gate Bridge and of course just our luck it was totally foggy. Not to mention freezing cold!

On Saturday we ate at this great place on Fisherman's Warf called Gotts. My sandwich was so yummy, the sourdough bread was amazing, I have to eat there again.

My yummy chicken sandwich

Walking through Chinatown

AT&T Park

It was July but don't let that fool you, it was so cold I could have been in a snow suit and been happy.

Rafe and Zach after the game.