Monday, February 7, 2011

Wedding Day

Our wedding day finally arrived, after a hectic, fun, late night filled week, and months of waiting; we were getting married. Our day started very early since we had to be at the temple at 7am. Everyone was up at very early to get ourselves and all the kids ready to go.

Our ceremony was really wonderful. We were so happy afterward to be declared husband and wife. Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Thompson!

One week to go

A week before the wedding Rafe and I did pictures at the temple. It was a freezing Saturday experience. Our photographer tried her best to photoshop our red ears and noses.
After our pictures Rafe went to pick up the car and our photographer left. There I was standing outside the temple by myself in my wedding dress I recived a ton of weird looks. Some people congratulated me and I even had a girl ask to take my picture because "she wanted to remember this picture and get married at the Salt Lake Temple someday". Sure lady knock yourself out.

Our announcements

For the style of our reception I really like the vintage/antique look. I was so excited when we were looking for our announcements and I found this design that almost matched perfectly the fabric I had for our table runners and other decor. I thought It turned out perfect. We also didn't want our picture to look to lovey dovey, don't get me wrong Rafe and I certainly love each other but we just wanted our picture to reflect our personalities a little and I though this picture was great. We love to laugh and joke around with one another and this was a picture that was just caught in the moment of us teasing one another.


Right after Rafe and I got engaged I knew we only had a small window to get our engagements done before any rain, wind, snow or whatever other elements could come our way.
We were lucky enough to have a warm fall day, we had a great time taking our pictures.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Slacker is an understatement

I have been getting comments about my absence of posts as of late and I will just say; they are coming I promise. Here are the cliff's notes of what we have been up to until the unabridged version is posted.

Rafe and I spent Thanksgiving in Shelley and then swapped and spent Christmas in Salt Lake with his family. Busy busy busy with wedding preparations and all things marriage. My sister Laura and her family even her husband Nate (who has been absent from family gatherings for the past several years because of school, HURRY AND GET DONE ALREADY!) were able to come and spend a week with us before the wedding.

So January 15th has come and gone and Rafe and I are now an old married couple, not quite but we're no spring chickens either. The day and even week leading up to the wedding was spent running errands, checking off lists, last minute changes and lots of late nights and early mornings. There was a lot of preparation involved and I am so thankful to my family and Rafe's family for all the help they gave us.

The crappy part was Thursday before the wedding I started getting a sore throat and by the time Saturday rolled around I was full on sick, more on that topic later. Our wedding, luncheon, and reception was really fun and I was so glad to see family and friends.

Rafe and I spent the night at a hotel by the airport and we were up early early the next morning to catch our flight. We spent 6 blissful days in Cancun, Mexico and I was eager to do nothing but sleep and lay out at the beach. IT. WAS. WONDERFUL. We were sad to leave the warm weather and come home to less than pleasing weather conditions.

So there is the short version of my life in the last couple of months, I promise I will post pictures and tell stories.