Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Honeymoon

After our reception we were off on our honeymoon. Finally! After all of the planning and preparation and stress it was so good to relax and be with Rafe on a vacation. That night we didn't get to our hotel until about 1am and our flight was at 7am the next morning, so we didn't get a whole lot of sleep and I was so sick, and we were both exhausted. While on the plane we both slept, mouths wide open probably drooling, but we didn't care, we earned it. We landed in Cancun and set off for our hotel. When we checked into our hotel they didn't have the room we reserved anymore so they upgraded our room to an ocean view, which was fine with us. The catch was it was a room with two double beds, which actually worked out because I was so sick that I could be free to be as miserable as I wanted without bothering Rafe. We had dinner in the hotel and spent the night relaxing in our room, it was so nice just to be able to be lazy and spend time with Rafe doing absolutely nothing.

The next day we hit the beach, since it was January we had the place practically to ourselves. We had a blast and the water was so warm, I still felt pretty crappy but after getting pummeled by some waves and salt water running up my nose at least I could breath. We layed out, read, shooed away the locals trying to sell us necklaces, timeshares, sunglasses etc, and people watched; turns out international people watching is great.

By the end of the second day I was feeling so much better, we ventured out to the local Wal*Mart for some meds and I was set. We had a blast, we went on a boat cruise, snorkeled, ate at great restaurants hung out at the beach and went to Talum and Chichen Itza. We even got pulled over by the police...TWICE. When they realized it was the end of our trip, we were out of money and Rafe spoke Spanish they were less interested in us and let us go.

We were sad to leave but we had a blast and were ready to head back to the states. Interestingly enough, it was a lot easier to get into Mexico than to get back into the United States, go figure.

This is our rental car Clio, we were thankful we had her; until her gas pedal fell off on our way to Chichen Itza, then fell off again on the freeway on our way back. Not cool Clio, not cool.


We ate at lots of great places, this is a boiling hot cauldron of cheese, cactus, meat and some other stuff I can't remember. It was pretty good.

Chichen Itza


  1. So cute! Just love vaca pics! Love you tenn! Can't wait to meet Rafe one of these days!

  2. looks so fun! I need a sunny beach vacation.

  3. Sorry you were sick! That is some seriously terrible timing. I am glad you got better before your trip was over. Love your pictures. I hope life has been going well for you guys since, and that married life is treatin' ya well because you deserve it!

  4. Glad you got feeling better for your honeymoon. Looks like it was a great trip. A nice warm vacation in January. Rafe seems like a great guy. Congrats.